They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck!

In New England and especially in New Hampshire, when it comes to weather, anything is possible. When the forecast predicts rain on your wedding day, the biggest day of your life, and one you've been planning for over a year, it's understandable to feel a twinge of disappointment. However, embracing the rain can lead to unique, memorable moments and stunning photographs. Here are five tips to help you navigate a rainy wedding day with grace and beauty.


Embrace the Beauty of Rainy Aesthetics:

Rain adds an ethereal and romantic touch to your wedding. It creates a misty ambiance and offers opportunities for breathtaking photography. When you work with Lisa Smith Photography, we'll discuss different poses and locations that will make your photos stand out. Think about using vibrant umbrellas, rain boots, cascading raindrops on windows, and wet reflections to capture captivating shots. Allow the rain to enhance the beauty of your wedding rather than dampen your spirits.


Plan an Indoor Photoshoot Back-Up:

While you may have envisioned outdoor portraits in the sunlight, it's vital to plan a backup option for indoor photography if it rains. Scout your venue beforehand for appealing indoor spots with natural light, such as a grand staircase or a well-decorated common area. Lisa Smit Photography is sure to prepare the necessary equipment and lighting techniques to capture stunning photographs while still avoiding the rain.


Create 'Rainy Day' Essentials:

Embrace the rain by providing thoughtful essentials to keep your guests comfortable and make them feel cherished. Offer personalized umbrellas, ponchos, comfortable indoor footwear, and cozy blankets for guests to enjoy the day without worrying about getting wet. These little gestures will show your gratitude and demonstrate that you are determined to ensure everyone has a delightful celebration, rain or shine.


Communicate Clearly with Vendors:

Ensuring that all vendors are aware of the possibility of rain is crucial, as they can help you adjust the plans accordingly. Prioritize a detailed discussion with your planner, photographer, florist, and any other vendors involved. Have a backup plan for any outdoor elements, rearrange seating if necessary, and discuss alternative options for activities you had originally planned outdoors. Open communication will help a smooth transition when adapting to a rainy wedding day.

Lisa Smith Photography - Wedding Cake


Maintain a Positive Attitude, No Matter the Weather:

Remember, the most important thing about your wedding day is your commitment to each other. Despite the rain, cherish every moment and keep a positive mindset. Your attitude sets the tone for the day, guiding the atmosphere and energy of your celebration. Be prepared to embrace the unforeseen circumstances, adapt as necessary, and treasure the memories created in the face of nature's unpredictable ways.

By incorporating these five tips into your wedding day plans, you can gracefully navigate the unexpected rain and turn it into a beautiful and meaningful experience. Capture the magic of the moment through stunning photographs, make thoughtful arrangements to keep your guests comfortable, and maintain a positive mindset throughout the celebration. Remember, the unexpected can often be the most extraordinary, embracing the rain will add a unique touch that makes your wedding truly unforgettable.

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