Lake Massabesic Engagement Session

Auburn N.H. | Rebecca + Sean

Growing up in Auburn, my familiarity with Lake Massabesic seemed confined to childhood memories of fishing and ice skating. Imagine my surprise when Sean and Rebecca chose this location for their engagement session. It was then that I realized how this lake offered stunning opportunity, lush greenery, and a sense of tranquility that would be the perfect backdrop for their engagement session.

As the golden hour approached, Sean and Rebecca's session began. The fading light of the day cast a mesmerizing glow, adding a touch of magic to every frame, and the soft hues of sunset illuminated the calm waters of Lake Massabesic.

Although the captivating scenery enhanced every image, it was undoubtedly Sean and Rebecca's genuine connection that stole the show. Endlessly supportive, affectionate, and full of joy, their love for one another radiated through the lens.

The engagement photo session with Sean and Rebecca was an amazing experience, allowing us to unveil Auburn's hidden gem - Lake Massabesic. Lake Massabesic will always hold a special place in my heart, reminding me that beauty can be found in familiar surroundings if we only take the time to truly see it. I am grateful for the opportunity to photograph Sean and Rebecca's wedding this fall!

These came out amazing!!! Thank you so much! We are so happy with these and even more excited for the wedding photos! These photos are more than what we hoped. I could never have imagined I'd see myself this way, thank you!

- Rebecca