Nubble Lighthouse Engagement Session

York ME | Jannelle + Tim

Love is a magical and extraordinary journey that deserves to be beautifully immortalized. When Jannelle and Tim decided to capture their love story through an engagement photo session, they knew they wanted a location that was special to them and would not only reflect their connection but also offer unforgettable backdrops. Choosing the iconic Nubble Light House in York, Maine, proved to be the ideal choice, presenting endless possibilities for stunning photos. Here are for essential tips for planning an engagement photo shoot at this remarkable spot.


Timing is Key:

One of the first decisions you need to make when planning an engagement photoshoot is choosing the perfect time of day. In the case of Nubble Light House, the best lighting conditions are typically found during the early morning hours at sunrise or on a cloudy, overcast day. These moments offer soft and diffused lighting, ensuring that both the couple and surroundings are beautifully illuminated. However, capturing romantic sunsets at the lighthouse can be a bit challenging as the sun tends to fall inland, rather than behind the iconic structure.


Embracing Comfort amidst the Crowds:

Nubble Light House is undeniably a beloved tourist hotspot. Considering this, it is crucial to be comfortable posing in front of others during your photo session. Though the presence of onlookers might feel overwhelming at first, remember that their curiosity stems from admiration and appreciation for the beauty you are capturing. Allow yourself to embrace the joyful atmosphere, as it will surely add a unique element of authenticity to your pictures. Focus on each other, allowing the love between the two of you to shine through any distractions. With the right mindset, the busy tourist location can become a charming backdrop for your engagement photos.


Scouting Picture-Perfect Spots:

When planning your engagement shoot at Nubble Light House, it's helpful to explore in advance to find the perfect locations for photographs. Though the lighthouse itself is undoubtedly a highlight, the surrounding area offers scenic options as well. By diversifying the settings, your engagement photos will be filled with a mix of stunning natural beauty and the timeless charm of the lighthouse itself.


Embracing the Romance:

Let your love take center stage during your engagement session at Nubble Light House. Allow yourselves to be "in the moment" and fully express your affection. The location itself provides a captivating backdrop, but it's the emotion and connection between the couple that truly brings the photographs to life. Embrace the gentle ocean breeze, steal sweet kisses, and showcase your deep bond through authentic interactions. Let your love story unfold naturally, giving your engagement photos a genuine and heartfelt touch.

Jannelle and Tim's engagement photo session at Nubble Light House in York, Maine, perfectly encapsulates their love and the enchanting surroundings. By choosing the best time of day for lighting, embracing the presence of tourists, finding picture-perfect spots, and allowing their love to shine through, they created captivating images that will forever cherish their special connection. If you're considering Nubble Light House for your engagement session, remember these tips to ensure unforgettable photographs that truly capture the essence of your love.

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