Capturing Cherished Moments: Family Photos in a Sea of Sunflower | Coppal House Farm, Lee NH

Nature's beauty is best enjoyed with family, creating lifelong memories that warm the heart. If you're planning a unique family photo shoot, look no further than Coppal House Farm in Lee, New Hampshire. This beautiful farm boasts acres of vibrant sunflower blooms, providing the perfect backdrop for capturing unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Immerse yourself in the magic of sunflowers. Stepping into a sunflower field feels like stepping into a fairytale, with its vibrant colors and towering beauty inspiring awe and wonderment. Choosing this natural setting for your family photos ensures a backdrop that exudes charm, joy, and happiness – all the ingredients for creating timeless memories.

Lisa Smith Photography is ready to capture and frame your cherished family moments amidst the stunning sunflowers at Coppal House Farm. Whether you desire candid shots as you wander through the rows of sunflowers or perfectly staged family portraits amidst the vibrant yellow sea, I am committed to leaving you in love with your family photos.

But Coppal House Farm offers more than just stunning photography opportunities. With various events happening during their festival, including Draft Horse Photo Day, Touch A Tractor, amazing food vendors, and a craft fair each weekend, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

After your family photo shoot at Coppal House Farm, you can relive the joy and cherish these wonderful memories within the comfort of your own home. From timeless framed prints and stunning canvases to personalized family photo albums, your memories will always be vividly brought to life.

Family photos are priceless treasures, capturing fleeting moments and emotions in frames that last a lifetime.

By combining the enchantment of sunflower fields at Coppal House Farm with my expertise, you unlock a recipe for truly magical memories. This beautiful farm not only offers a breathtaking backdrop for your photo shoot but also provides an immersive experience for the whole family. Discover the joy and wonder of a sunflower photo session at Coppal House Farm – where smiles, laughter, and moments of togetherness come together in perfect harmony.